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Started by MICK, November 01, 2014, 10:20:18 AM

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Hi Jeff,
What software do you use to create the web page and associated forums. What do you need to maintain and run it and last but most important can a mumty mechanic use the tools.
Answers would be appreciated in old stupid fart terms.
Great job but little used which is understandable given the number interested in the subject.


Hi Mick;

The website is "frames" based and is written in HTML, with javascript additions to keep the frames working properly.  I wouldn't have chosen this method personally, but I inherited it, and kept it going as a kind of "learning exercise" to beef up my simple skills...

I've used MS Office suite for years (at work mostly) and when they produced FrontPage as an HTML editor I found it very easy to use, so I went with that... It's over 10 years old now, but still works OK (ish)and the HOC site doesn't really need the bells and whistles more modern products can produce...

The forum pretty much runs itself.  It's a separate piece of software by "Simple Machines".  Easy to configure and easy to maintain... Free too (very much a consideration for me).

If I were starting it all from scratch, I'd probably start the site off using one of the online blog/site software tools that come with hosting packages these days... Check out this blog one of my FB "friends" put together to publish details of his T160 rebuild...

Triumph T160 Rebuild Blog Site

This was created by One/Com's "iloapp" software which lets untrained folk produce good quality web output.  HOC's website is hosted by them, so I could use this too, if FP ever stops working for me...

But I'd still go with Simple Machines if I were starting another forum...  I run the XS1100UK Owners Club Forum using the same software, but a different template.  You can see that here: forum

Hope that helps...

1974 Triumph T160 Trident (New Project)
1981 Yamaha XS1100 Sport (Trike Project)
1981 Yamaha XS1100 Sport (Red Sport)
1982 Hesketh V1000 (Production/Development Engine)


Many thanks for that.
The problem I have is cross referencing and understanding the jargon.
Attention span of about ten seconds does not help and its getting worse.
Lots to look up and think about.