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Started by Will F, August 28, 2012, 08:18:10 PM

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Will F

Hey fellow Hesketeers,has anyone got a toolkit they would sell me ?I have seen the list of contents and they seem very useful,not bothered if it's grubby!  Tel Will Formby 01484 688192


Hi Will,

How's the search been going? I haven't got one; however, they do come up sometimes!  Of note, it'd be worth contactiing Peter White as one may've come up when he purchased the spares fromHesketh Motorcyles...

Let me know how you get on.



To be honest, the oem toolkit is pretty basic - you can see the list of tools on Pg 12 of the V1000 Owners Manual.

In my own opinion, the prices toolkits command on Ebay (etc) far outweight their value as tools for roadside repairs, etc, and I would only consider buying one if it were:

  • Bloody cheap
  • For a showroom condition restoration

I don't do showroom condition and these don't come up at bloody cheap prices, so I constructed my own toolkit.  I bought most of the stuff from Amazon, online...

Toolzone 12 Pocket Canvas Tool-Roll
Draper stubby combination spanner set
BAHCO ratchet screwdriver with 6 bits.
Stanley 150mm Adjustable Spanner
Draper Retractable Knife
Draper Spark Plug Wrench
Kamasa Hex Key Set

And a pair of pliers of unknown origin...  I think there is a spurious C-spanner in there too...

I keep the canvas roll soaked in WD40 to keep the eater away from the tools and store the whole thing in a plastic zip-loc bag...  There is just enough room wn the side panel pocket for this set and a couple of spark-plugs and a split-link for the chain... I also carry a nice BIG washer that fits neatly into the oil filler cap...

Hope that helps

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