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Clutch Plates

Started by Kevin B, June 10, 2024, 10:48:03 AM

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Kevin B

After a great weekend away on the Hesketh the clutch started slipping on the way home. The hydraulics seem fine and the bike has done almost 44k miles so I figure it will need a set of plates and springs.
Can anybody tell me where the plates come from. I would assume 1980 ish 900ss Ducati - would that be correct?

Dave Snr

Hi Kevin. Yes, I have been told the clutch plates are Ducati under description Surflex S1425. Although there were variations and maybe an extra plate for the Hesketh. However the most common reason for clutch slip is master cylinder not retuning fully or push rod adjustment tight. Check master cylinder action to make sure piston returns fully - compare it to the brake. Operate the clutch, release it and then loosen the bleed nipple to see if it's holding pressure. Both brake and clutch are Brembo 15mm and the seal kits are PS15. I've had to change my seals twice over the years, but never the plates or springs, although it's worth cleaning debris off the plates inner and outer if you get clutch drag. Clutch push rod adjustment is easy to check and make sure there is free play.